November 22, 2006

Regulation without Frontiers

In my last post I mentioned that the bad points of the EU massively outnumber the good. Here is the lastest of the bad things to crawl its way out of the EU the Television without Frontiers Directive and a summary of this attempt by the EU to censor the internet is provided there by Civitas. The bit that worried me most about this latest turd to surface from the Brussels sewer is this:
the same Directive also seeks to reserve a quota of airtime for EU programmes, details rules of the content of television advertising and ensure free general access to events ‘of major importance to society’.
Not only do they seek to clamp down on the freedom that the internet offers the EU seeks to transform it into its own propaganda machine. I would really rather my pay per click porn streams where not interrupted by the visage of The Ever Blessed and Fragrant One. They are deviant and disturbing enough already thank you very much.


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